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View from a summerhouseA Pinelog summerhouse provides an elegant focal point for your garden and somewhere to relax.

With an exposed timber floor, feature roof space and clear lacquered interiors. Constructed with double thickness walling sections on a timber frame, these summerhouses all feature attractive and traditional leaded windows finished with Victorian brassware.

The rounded roofing shingles, imported from Italy, are specially selected for their long life and appearance.

Pinelog summerhouses are available in the following colours: Blue, Green & Burgundy

The following is a guide to prices of summerhouses in standard sizes and finishes. Please ask us for a specific quotation.

Model Name


Installed Package Price (inc VAT)


8ft x 6ft (height 9ft 7in)



10ft x 6ft (height 9ft 7in)



8ft x 8ft (height 9ft 8in)



10ft x 8ft (height 9ft 7in)



9ft 8in x 9ft 8in (height 10ft 4in)



12ft x 8ft (height 9ft 7in)


Prices are for installations within Central Scotland. Prices out with that are available on application. All prices are fully inclusive of VAT at 17.5%, and installation of the building onto the customer's own prepared base. A drawing of the base will be supplied when an order is placed. Copies of our Terms and Conditions are freely available on request.

Ashford, Litton & Cressbrook

The Ashford, Litton and Cressbrook summerhouses progressively increase in size to provide a vareity of different uses. Extremely versatile, they will allow you to make full use of your garden all year round.

Ashford summerhouse Litton summerhouse Cressbrook summerhouse
Ashford summerhouse plan Litton summerhouse plan Cressbrook summerhouse plan

Monsal & Winster

The Monsal and Winster are the smallest summerhouses in our range. They provide a perfect refuge in any garden to escape from the heat of the midday sun, or as night falls, light the candles and enjoy a glass of wine in quiet seclusion.

Monsal summerhouse Winster summerhouse
Monsal summerhouse plan Winster summerhouse plan


The Birchover octagonal summerhouse feels deceptively spacious. Large enough to accept a small dining table and chairs or a sofa, it features double doors plus large windows to four faces. This gives a panoramic view around the garden.

Birchover summerhouse
Birchover summerhouse plan